Sunday, November 18, 2012


 After our trip to meet the dogs yesterday, we decided to stop at Wheeler and have a walk in the woods.  The water was WAY down and we got a good look at the mud-and what had recently passed through.  Above we are pretty sure is a turtle track and below is probably those little snail guys.

This little guy hopped right out in front of us, I feel bad for him, I don't think he'll last long in this weather.

 This is a seriously over-exposed shot of sandhill cranes coming in to land.  But I liked the whole alien feel of the shot and decided to keep it anyway.

I love to watch the ducks feed, duck butt is SO cute, especially when they do it in groups.  Like being mooned by professionals.

There's still quite a bit of fall color here and there, though most of the leaves still out are a dull brown.

That's no panda!

Woodpecker on a cypress

The sunset from our heavily-wooded area.  It was NOT EVEN 5 IN THE AFTERNOON.  I really dislike Daylight Saving Time.  It's so bad, I might vote republican if the platform was about doing away with it.  Or...move to Arizona where they DON'T OBSERVE.

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