Monday, November 12, 2012

Swann Creek

 Alice P
Daughter or George and Edna Evans
Born July 17, 1844
Died June 7, 1854
 In love she lived
In peace she died
Her life was craved
But God denied

 First, we worked on the roof all day Saturday and Matt bashed his thumb pretty hard and after finishing up to a certain point, we left off working on it Sunday to give him time to recover.  He will lose the nail for sure, we are hoping there's not more damage than that.

So Sunday we decided to go for a long walk, we have been so busy with the house while he's off that we have not gotten much more than a few miles in at the local track.  We headed to Athens to do the north end of the Richard Martin Trail and ended up stopping instead to explore the Swann Creek Greenway.


He followed virtue
As his truest guide
Lived as a Christian
As a Christian died

George H
Son of
George and Edna
Born July 10, 1946
Died April 7, 1858

A little time on
earth he spent
(Till God for him his angel sent)

Wife of George Evans
Born Feb 22, 1809
Died June 21, 1856

Levenaior is one I have not heard before.
Chan and I think it's leven-yer, but in a search for some insight, it only references itself-as in, the only other place I can find it online is from where other people are talking about the same cemetery.
I thought maybe the I was supposed to be a T, but Levenator makes even less sense.
I'd love some insight, if anyone has any.

This is likely one of the worst pictures I have ever taken, but I loved the name, so I am posting it anyway, crooked as it is.

A baby who died the day he was born.  I liked the trees surrounding the grave.
 We parked at the south end, just across the creek from Chick-fil-a and walked north.  The greenway ends after 1.2 miles at Athens High, but you can walk the track around the park/school and add on another mile.  If you loop to the left, you go out along the main road and curve back around passing a workout station and near the baseball field, the track joins up with a second greenway that is just under a mile long that goes to another park with a pool and a series of play fields.  You can loop that for another mile+ and see the little cemetery I have shots of above.  Backtracking on that greenway, you pick up the school track again and it's not far back to the Swann Creek Greenway, the whole trail with the loops is almost exactly 7 miles.  Or 17,000 steps.  : )

 We did not know how far the greenway went, so we left our daypacks and water, thinking it was around 2.5 miles.  So we ended up walking across to a gas station near this section of park and getting some drinks!

 The Swann Creek Greenway goes right by...Swann Creek.  It's pretty, a 'Tennessee' creek instead of an 'Alabama' creek, by our own definitions.  Most creeks in Tennessee are rock-slab bottomed, Alabama tends to have creeks that are washes and are dirt-bottomed and prone to erode during floods.

Matt took a picture of me and so I decided to take one of me, too.  hahaha!  We spent the day taking the same photos, so why stop?

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