Thursday, November 8, 2012


What a week...we got so much done on the house last weekend and are gearing up for an even more productive run this weekend.  Jake is having a few friends over tomorrow for the afternoon, we had planned a outing and that fell through, so they are going to have to be content with just hanging out.  Oh dear!

Yesterday, I took Charlie back to the pound.  His behavior had worsened to a level of frantic destruction that I have never encountered before.  I spoke at length with the vet, the director of the pound and a trainer and they all agreed surrendering him was the best thing for him.  They are keeping him under observation for a week and are going to see if there is anything that can be done for him, I am keeping in touch to see if I can help in any way.  I hope they can place him with a rescue and rehab group that can get him some help.
(update: they are placing him with a special needs rescue)

Other than the two main events this week with the house and the dog, there have been some minor things going on.  Chandler started her new art class and that seems like it will be a good thing for her.  We are setting aside that day to be Girl's Day, though I told her if she can't manage to appreciate a cute guy now and then, I was going to start bringing Britney with us.  I felt like a weirdo oogling the cashier boy and realizing, I was all alone in my admiration.  hahaha!

The van is acting up...yesterday it would not crank until I tried several times and then the low pressure light was on, so I went and got the oil changed and got the tires checked and they were fine and the light stayed on and today I had them checked again and it is still on, even though the pressure is 35 pounds in each tire as usual.  That's so annoying.  It probably means something secondary and likely just horrific when the pressure is fine and the alert is still on.

Tonight Jake and I are going out to a movie.  He asks about 10 times a week to go out to a movie, that's all he wants to do on vacation as well when we ask if anyone has an idea for something to do where we are.  With Netflix and a video store and a dollar theater that shows movies about 8 weeks after they open, I rarely indulge in paying full price for a new movie.

And that's the news!  I have not had any other things to come up to say yes to (other than the movie, which is not really a new event!) so no news on that front.  Maybe the weekend will hold a few good surprises.  Speaking of which, Matt said he got me a goodie at work today.  !!

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