Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ten Yeses

Last month I did a 100 mile challenge and several friends joined in!  3 families actually sent me confirmation they had finished walking all 100 miles, so hurrah!

This month, I wanted to work on my own goal for the year, which was taking more chances to learn or do something new.  So I decided I should say yes whenever I could all month long, even if it was something I was not immediately comfortable with.  I figured something would come up a couple times a week.  Since there are 5 Fridays this month, I went with 10 chances.  No, I am not sure of my logic.

So far, I have accepted a couple invitations, both from photography clubs.  One is a large group and they have their own website where they critique each others work.  This has always caused me anxiety-I was chicken to have total strangers look at my work solely to pick it apart-it's one thing to post a pic on my own site, it's quite another to hold it up to the light of professional evaluation.  One of the reasons I stopped entering contests was because I had started looking at my work from a 'what do they want to see' angle and not a 'I love this' angle.  I want to try to blend the two-what I love with photos that are truly good.  The best way to do that is to have someone who knows the technical side to evaluate your work.

The second is from a new group of just women who want to get together each month and take photo walks.  I have tried to get one of these groups going at least 4 times now.  I get responses, but never participation.  I have yet to go on a photo walk with any of my actual friends.  So, I am joining a group of strangers and hoping that I will get to get better with lots of ideas bouncing around and people trying for different angles and shots. 

So, that's 2 yeses so far and it's only the 4th!  

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