Friday, February 8, 2013

Birthday Day One

Today Matt and I went to Huntsville and got some tires for the van and did some grocery shopping.  We also had some of those little chicken biscuit things from Chick-Fil-A, which are so yummy.  I am always glad we don't have fast food near home, if there were a Chick-Fil-A within easy driving distance, I would weigh 300 pounds. 

When we got home, Suzette was already here with Emily, who is staying the night.  She was able to hang out for a few hours, but not with us, no.  She wanted to play with my puppy!  Before she left, she pulled out the rocking chair and rocked her!  As she drove off, Nia sat at the end of the sidewalk and gave her sad eyes through the gate, I am just glad I know that Dave would skin her alive if she came home with a dog or else I would have to be on my toes!

On Wednesday, we went bowling and I was photobombed!
My score has barely improved and it kills my shoulder, it's pretty sad!

Other than our foray into civilization mid-week, we stayed home for the most part, which means I spent most of my time with Nia, so here are a few more photos.

Nia and the camera strap

Nia in my lap, smiling up at me.  She won't smile AT the camera-the above is the result of that little effort, so this is the best I can get. 
Still, no denying she has some lovely teeth!

An Unamused Masked Bandit.
See the little hole in her blanket? She worried over that thing until it was soaked,
I had to get her a different blanket!
The kids and I have been planning a camping trip that I think will work out for all involved.  I want hikes and photography, they want internet and swimming.  When I offered to let them stay home, there was some panic and assurances I could NEVER go off by myself.  I am not sure what they think I will be doing in 10 years when they are all in their 20's and I am not even 50.  I guess pottering around the house hoping for grandchildren and raising chickens and not going anywhere alone.  : )  For now, we are compromising on camping 5 nights, hotel for 2 and camping another 4.  A mid-trip chance to upload, reload, recharge and buy groceries sounds like a perfect plan!

Tonight we made WAY too much sushi and ate chocolate cheesecake, which was not really the best combo...but SO yummy!  Tomorrow we are going to a movie and have Day Two of the Birthday Weekend.  I feel yogurt to be a possibility...maybe even...Mexican food! 

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