Friday, February 22, 2013

Doggie Day

Today we had set aside the afternoon to get the dogs in for their annual check-up and finish out Nia's puppy shots and get them all vaccinated for rabies.  To keep it from being just a run to town for a poke and prod and a run back home, I called to see if we could swing by Mr. Holmes' pond on the way in and let the dogs run a while.  He said sure.

The vet, we are using a new vet now, was happy with how well Nia is doing, she said she would be 22 pounds.  No more than 30.  That's perfect!  Of course, our old vet said Jessie would max out at 40 pounds.  She weighs 100.  Well, 99.8.  Kuma is 77 pounds, per usual.

I had these in order and Blogger said pshaw to that.  I am too sleepy to dink with moving them back around, so look at them as an abstract work.

 Nia does not look 100% dog.  It's like she has other little creature mixed in there.  Rabbit or burro...I thought she might be part pit bull, but her structure is too small.  We are back to thinking border terrier/corgi mix.  It would fit her coloring, stature, size and personality.

This IS rural North Alabama in the winter.  Field stubble, scrub trees, a rolling hill.

I stopped this one WAY down to increase the contrast to make the red maple blooms show up. 
It looks weird on purpose.  Sometimes, they look weird and I don't know what happened.

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