Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birthday Day Two

 Totally unrelated to birthday, but here are the kids and Dae at the park after bowling last week.  We are following through with our plan to meet some new people!
Not that we don't love the old people!

Chan, the moment of turning 15!  And some other kid.

Chan, unsure what to think as everyone who sang to her used a different version of her name or their favorite nickname.  She got a Chan, Chandler, Chanopolis and Channa Poo thrown at her.

Eep!  I hope it comes true!

The day before her birthday, we still had Emily from the night before, but Britney had play practice, so we kept Emily and picked Britney up and then we all went for lunch, to see Wreck-It Ralph, which is surprisingly good, then had frozen yogurt with toppings on the way back to drop Emily off.  

On Friday, I had gone in to get my carefully budgeted 2 new tires on the front of the van.  On Saturday night leaving Emily's, one of the BACK tires went flat.  So Monday, I got surprise 2 new back tires.  Then Tuesday I went to get a budgeted alignment to try to prevent as much damage as possible on the new set and my brake pads were paper thin!  So on Thursday, I went and got surprise new brakes and budgeted oil change.  My careful budget was hacked to bits like so much confetti.  I have spent some time piecing it back together, we WILL be debt free by April 15 even if we have to eat ramen for the next 60 days.  3.5 years of toeing the line to get out of debt isn't going up in flames the last 2 payments!  (insert maniacal laughing here)

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