Saturday, February 2, 2013


Nia Thundersnow is fitting in very well here, we are quite attached to her already.  She's smart and sweet and very lovey, wants to snuggle and play, then falls asleep almost instantly.  The house training is going very well, much much better than I expected and every day I wonder if it really CAN be this fast and easy.   Her only accident in the past week was totally our fault for not responding to her signals.  

We have a foster dog this weekend, which has become a bit of a fiasco since he's unhappy here and does not seem to be feeling well.  I called the local person over his case, as his foster family is in south Alabama all weekend, and he agreed he needs to go to the vet Monday and get checked out.  While we are dealing with him, she's getting a little left out.  Hence the potty accident.

There's a new dog park in town, we have taken her a couple of times.  She mainly wants to sniff and bark and jump around, yesterday she did a couple of obstacles because we bribed her with chicken balls set all around the course!  There were 4 big dogs in the pen next to us and she wanted badly to be in there with them.  When the foster dog showed up to actually come home with us, she wanted nothing to do with him.

Here are my sock monkey slippers, look what she did to the eye!  Rotten puppy! 

This has been the sole (ha!) damage so far, though she has gotten a couple stuffed toys out of Chan's room and chewed them until they were soaked and gross.  She's attempted to eat a power cord once and of course, hands and wrists are puppy gourmet and she never passes up a chance to have a sample.  We keep a toy on us at all times, those baby teeth are SHARP.  She's better every day.

She's on a once-a-night potty schedule already, helped by the fact that Matt wakes at 4:30, so somewhere around 1 or 2 I get up and make her go, I think she would sleep all night, but she's not yet even 4 months old, that seems too hard on her little puppy system when all it takes is a 2 minute round trip, she goes the second her back feet are on grass, hops right back in bed, eats a cookie and passes back out.  Never a peep all night, she's amazingly easy to deal with.

Anyway, we are feeling quite happy with our new family member, she's a love bug for sure.  We said Zeppie was a mop-headed Jack weasel, we call Nia a coyote pig-pug.  I hope she gets 10 pounds bigger and stops growing, so she will still fit everywhere.

I am going Monday to look at a dog at the pound that MIGHT be her brother, if that's the case, I will snap that pup up!   We could name him Ian!  LOL!

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