Friday, February 15, 2013

Busy Afternoon...

 After we left Aveda, since we were so close, we went to Aldridge Gardens and walked around.  I took a few more shots of the girls playing around.

After we walked around the lake, we decided to leave and go get lunch.
I know none of you will believe it, but I got turned around and ended up driving in a huge circle right back around where we started.  After that, I got Nuvi back out.

Since I was no where near where we had wanted to eat, we broke out the protein bars I had brought and went on over to Sloss where the girls spent half an hour milling around reading graffiti.

not sure WHAT they were doing in this one.  There was some screaming of line from Titanic, but not the right ones.
Since we were less than a mile from the thrift store, we all agreed to go there next, it's called What's on Second.
It's WELL worth the stop by, the owners are so super nice!

This was a whole shelf of Beatles stuff.  The girls lamented the lack of Emily all day long, we won't go back to Birmingham without her ever again!

 After the thrift shop, we got lunch and then went to a playground and played a while, then walked on the trail there and decided it was time to head back, we were all getting pretty tired.

 Chan passed out right in the middle of drawing and talking, we were all zonked.  We got Britney back to her mom and I am looking forward to getting to bed myself!

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