Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday: Hurricane Creek

 We took Nia for her first hike today, she had such a good time, I have missed having a little bit to run around with us.

Ben and Chan waiting by the creek.

What is it about an underbite?

Here, Nia fell in the creek and there was a 3-way attempt at a rescue.

Ben could not quite reach her, so Matt climbed down.

Back on the bridge, she was SO excited about the near-drowning.

As we went up the long hill, she stopped to look back at
pokey old Dad and Ben, giving them a sharp, 'hurry up' bark.

 photo by Matt!

This is what I am hiking in now, probably from now on if I can find a couple more variations.
It's leggings and a tennis skirt! Not having pants to rub as I walked was very freeing, you know how you will need to step up and over something-a big rock or a log or maybe you want to climb?  And pants pull at the knee and twist and just generally are hanging there being a little heavy and adding resistance to each step.
The leggings are nothing like that, they just go with you and the skirt gave my buns a little cover.

 She totally learned her log-crossing skillz from me, go out a little bit, panic, sit down and make Matt come get me.

Running up the last hill out, Ben is barefoot!  She went the whole loop!

Back on the deck, we all played on the climbing walls while she dozed in the sun.

I wrapped her in my scarf because she was a little cool after working so hard on the trail. 
She's still so young, not even 4 months.  She's going to be a great dog.

Matt took this one.
See?  Awesome freedom of movement, I was all over that wall!

 The scarf was fine, but Big Sis is even warmer to snuggle with!

After we hiked, we had dinner at 5 Guys, they allow dogs on their patio!

I had the veggie sandwich, that was really good and only 250 calories!  Woot.

Matt wants to lose 10 pounds, so we are going to buckle down together and work on that, I could stand to get busy myself instead of just thinking about it.

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