Monday, March 4, 2013

Major Announcements!

Or, you know, just things pertinent to me, hahaha!

Number One:
I am letting my hair grow..I am 95% on this one.

Number Two:
We are finally getting our passports!  Or, at least finally have the stuff printed out and filled out.  Waiting on April to come and go first so we will have the money, them things ain't cheap.

Number Three:
As soon as the current crop of wheat products is consumed, we are going gluten-free for at least the 6 week trial period.  I have a feeling it will make a difference.  And if not, 6 weeks without gluten will hardly harm any of us.  We will be totally GF by the 15th and until then, will be transitioning.  I thought about either storing or giving away the gluten food we have, but it's SO much food, I can't afford to just replace 2 weeks worth of groceries simply to try out a theory.

Number Four:
I entered us into a family make-over (camping) contest and heard back today that we are in the running!  I think it's probably because I already take photos and blog about our trips and that we homeschool, so scheduling for publication and getting photos is no issue for the magazine.  But it's still kind of exciting.  And I don't know how many other families are also 'in the running'. 

Number Five:
We FINALLY replaced the Crock-Pot!

None of these have anything to do with one another, just all new developments in my world.

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