Thursday, March 7, 2013


I saw on a food documentary yesterday said cilantro and parsley were good for detoxing, they pull the gunk out of your gut that your liver hopes to get rid of when it cleans your blood.  So today, Matt came home with a huge bunch of each, which we will be adding to our salads all weekend.  Tonight the salad was P and C and spinach with raspberry and bean sprouts. 

Tomorrow it will be P and C and spinach with these tiny white mushrooms that even I like and I hate mushrooms.  And mango and avocado.

Sunday it will be P and C and spinach with carrot and chopped egg and zucchini. 

Hopefully by Monday I will be able to report the amazing change that has amazingly changed my life.  hahaha. 

This is day 6 of no fake sugar, corn syrup and about 1/3 my usual gluten intake along with a huge increase in raw foods.  So far, I feel better.  Some of that is because of the sun being out, and some has to be from knowing I am taking steps to get us all healthier.  And some of it is from the blackberry wine Matt brought home.  ;D  It's Kosher for passover-real sugar!

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