Thursday, March 7, 2013

One Week In

Already a full week into March!  This month is starting off slowly, but will pick up speed and by April, we will be zipping around again. 

On the GF front, Matt pointed out Tellico Grains is not GF.  We have so much food here that it will be closer to the end of the month before we will have it all out of the house.  In the meantime, I have been buying only GF foods to bring back in, replacing or substituting and reworking recipes to make it work.  Good thing most of our very favorite meals are already GF!  Fish tacos, sushi, stir fry, chicken salad, taco salad and Ben's beloved chicken noodle soup works well with rice or yam noodles.  As soon as I figure out a GF bread, we will be good to go. Or closer anyway. 

There's grabbing something while out for the day or the weekend-figuring out where we can eat.  Chick-Fil-a has grilled nuggets, Taco Bell has crunchy tacos.  Everywhere else has salad, but I can't see getting Jake to eat a salad when for his whole life, he has eaten a burger.  I blame my mother, I would have raised him vegetarian, but she poked pork in his mouth every time it opened for 2 years and now his favorite thing to eat is salty meat.  He's the main reason I am changing our diet, his idea of varied diet involves mainly where he's sitting to eat his pizza.  For variety, he will eat broccoli.  I have gotten him hooked on fruit-apples, oranges and grapes.  He loves raw carrot sticks and sugar snaps and will eat cilantro all day long.  It's a start.  And he really does like stir fry and sushi, it's not a lost cause yet!

I think the American diet has proven that 'teen metabolism' won't negate a bad diet any more.  Just cutting out corn syrup, he dropped 30 pounds nearly overnight, it was FAST-maybe 6 weeks.  Now he's 145-150 and that's MUCH better suited to his frame.  Ben and Chan are slim already, if I can just help them establish good eating and exercise habits now along with good spending and savings habits...they will have a MUCH MUCH better time of young adulthood.  That's about 90% of what causes stress: money and waistline.

It has been cloudy for DAYS.  I feel like it's perpetually 7 a.m., I can barely get moving when it's like this.  My deep cleaning has been thus:

Sunday: cleaned out all the cabinets in the kitchen and donated various small appliances, replaced the broken Crock-pot, wiped out the cabinets and arranged everything neatly.

Monday: sprayed and wiped down the washer and dryer, vacuumed the dryer lint slot and checked the hose clamps on the washer.

Tuesday: pulled out all the things on top of the counters and wiped them down, cleaned the microwave and windows.

Wednesday: cleaned out the hot water heater closet and swept that, shook the insulation blanket outside (mouse poop!) and moved a couple things around.  I need to put mouse bait behind the heater where they come in from under the house.

Thursday: that's today.  I think maybe I will run the self-clean on the oven and call it done for the day.

Tomorrow Matt has the day off and he will be fixing the hot water heater in the morning, we may go see a movie with the teen group over the weekend...maybe run up to Tellico Grains for one last hurrah before we go GF.  I will really miss that place! 

Here is the single photo I have taken this month:

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