Saturday, March 2, 2013

Good Week

I like a laid-back week.  Monday was rainy and chilly, we stayed in and the kids did math and science nearly all day.  I am amazed how they will throw themselves into hours of 'school' and then leave off for days on end only to do it again.  Almost like they learn better in cycles.  Jake is my exception, as he loves history and will watch anything on YouTube that delves into details, in particular strategy and anything ancient.  It's not usual for him to watch 3 hours a day of various college lectures, Khan and of course the Green brothers.

Tuesday was art and afterward, I stopped by and made 2 different mechanics listen to the noise my AC is making.  They both assured me I was hearing things.  I swear, not that I wanted anything to be wrong, but it's making a new noise!  The second guy checked out the compressor and finally offered to empty the freon and change the compressor oil and refill everything for $100.  I scheduled it, since it's a half-day job.  We agreed it may not help but at 155k miles, it won't hurt either.  The compressor checked out fine and there's plenty of freon, I guess the new noise is just that...a new noise. 

Wednesday, the kids and I hung out with Sammy and Amanda and their kids all day and when it was time to go, only Nia and I actually left.  Back at home, Matt agreed I was looking very puny indeed and needed him to take Thursday off to take care of me.

We spent the day making and eating large amounts of food and watching Fringe on dvd and avoiding the freezing weather.  I bet I ate 3,000 calories and we did not even walk, not even on the treadmill.  When we went to collect the kids, we stopped at the store and came home with cookies, which I did manage to not eat that same night, though I spent some time thinking about them.  Double Stuff Oreos with vanilla almond milk. We got the very welcome news that he was not needed on the March trip to Erie since it was for an engineering thing and not a financial thing, it will be June before he has to go again, maybe even July!  I don't even pretend to know what he does at work and other than the guard shack and one time we had to do a meeting in the cafeteria...can't remember why, but anyway, I have never even seen past the gates.  I don't care as long as it's boring and safe and he comes home at 5 every night.

Friday was Skate Day and brought the welcome sight of several friends who have been scarce of late.  Afterward we went grocery shopping and headed home with pizza.  It snowed overnight and left us with a light frosting of icy pellets for Saturday.  Matt and I worked on camping gear for a few hours, making some repairs and getting better organized for the upcoming season.  I have been doing a deep cleaning cycle again, so each day all week I cleaned something.  Monday I scrubbed my bathroom top to bottom, Tuesday I cleaned off the porch and swept and picked up things in the yard that had been blown or puppied around, Wednesday I cleaned out my computer files and backed up photos and deleted old e-mails, on Thursday I scrubbed the hall bathroom-even the icky bits behind the toilet and Friday I cleaned out from under my bed.  Today I tackled my closet.  I tossed one bag of junk and gathered up another bag of clothes to donate and got a HUGE stack of cardboard to recycle.  I have no idea why I had so much cardboard in there, I think every box we ever got in the mail got stacked up for just in case.

I still have a huge list, what I want is for someone to come over and sit at the kitchen table and talk to me while I work at sorting things out.  It's so dull.  *sigh*

Last night I stayed up until after 2 reading a book set after the Yellowstone supervolocano erupts.  Today, I started asking Matt about building greenhouses and buying me a rifle and also we need more books and hand tools and jars of Vitamin C.  He just sighed.  I said I did not yet want to bury an old school bus in the pasture to use as a bunker, but I had not read the second book in the series, so it may or may not be on the list-I know just where to put it, too.  I am going to learn how to make rugs out of old blue jeans anyway.  If it's going to be winter for 3 years to one decade, that kitchen floor has GOT to have some insulation.  Also, snowsuits.  This snow today and the bleak, bleak sky is only making me more paranoid...

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