Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day Three

The third day is always the hardest for me on any type of diet change, even just cutting back on something such as caffeine or salt.  Even though we decided April 1 for cutting out gluten as a family, it's been 3 full days since I have eaten any amount myself. 

It has not been hard at all, I thought I would be feeling some type of withdrawal or...something. 

Today I made these things Heather posted about last week.  Mash up a ripe banana and add an egg, mix all together and fry like a pancake.  We added blueberry, it was REALLY good.  Not eggy in the least, which is good because I don't like eggs.  Next time, flax seeds.  It would be good with almond butter or chocolate chips...had the same consistency of pancakes, 140 calories (plus a few blueberries, so...175?) and one was enough.  Not an every day food (though one banana and one egg per person for one week is less than $4.50 each, even getting organic), but after Chex cereal and grits for the past 3 weeks, I am happy to have another option!  And one with protein is even better.

For elevensies, I made a watercress and spinach salad with cilantro and parsley.  The Asian market has huge bunches of cress right now for .99 a bunch!  That's SO freaking cheap for cress.  I am going to try to root some, though to be honest keeping it watered every day will be an issue for me.  I am horrible about remembering things like that.  Maybe I can just grow it in the kiddie pool the dogs use as a trough.

For lunch, I made brown rice cooked in broth with curry and coconut and flaked salmon.  It's so good, I am eating it while I type.  For tea, we have the rice cereal treats I made last night and dinner will be lentil tamale casserole.  I will post how to make that tomorrow.  It was the very first thing I learned to cook via assembling ingredients and not just opening cans of boxes.  :)  Well, okay, there IS a can involved.

I am dreaming of summer squashes.  I think after the first week they are in, I will be thinking of apples instead.  I am a fickle lover of things.

Here is a pic from yesterday I managed to fail to post with the rest.  I have not taken any today, though I did go out and wash the inside of the van-windows, doors, dash and seats.  It was so dusty and covered in sticky little drips and spills and some of the windows actually had toe prints on them.  It's raining again, but I refuse to take the blame as I did not wash the outside of the van. 

That small dog is in every photo I took, she's like a lens smudge. 
I did not even notice her at the time, I was concerned with
making sure the umbrella was covering Chan's rear!
It was a minor miracle that she agreed to show that much leg,
if I had gotten cheek in there, she would have resigned from being my model.

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