Thursday, March 28, 2013

Slow Week

We have been home for a week, it's been cold and rainy and not very exciting.  I spent yesterday running a fever for no reason, again.  That's the 4th time this year I have spiked a fever out of the blue.

Mr. Holmes and I got to talking (huge surprise there) and he said he had more space tilled than he could use this year, so I volunteered to use it for him and he was very happy to agree.  So now I have a waiting-for-me garden plot, I am hoping it will really help with the grocery budget this year.  If it will stop freezing and raining long enough to plant stuff, that is.

We are officially out of gluten in the house, everything here is gluten free now.  I had a mild panic because gf alternatives like bread and cookies are $$$, but if we stick with mostly veggies and so on, it won't really affect the budget too much.  Leave the gf stuff for treats and just eat rice when we need a starchy side, which, we really don't.  Plus, toast made from tapioca bread tastes like butter on Styrofoam.  If the Styrofoam was particularly dry and flavorless and hard.  Maybe washed up on a riverbank and laid in the sun for a week.

Today it was sunny and warmer, so I took the kids shoe shopping and discovered Chan is a size 9.5 and Ben needs an 11.5.  He's 13!  Jake wears a 10!  We did not come home with shoes because my children are, well, my children and Matt's and after wearing a few pairs around, they decided to just wait a few weeks and move into sandals full time.  No one could stand anything on their toes.  They are currently wearing combinations of Crocs and deck shoes an ratty tennis shoes with the stitching coming off.  They all have good hiking shoes at least-well, Ben needs a bigger size now that I think of it.  Dang.

While out, we had lunch and hit Big Lots, which had a nice variety of Bob's Red Mill's gluten free mixes and flours.  I made it out with various ways to make baked goods along with several different types of rice and curry.  The kids got jellybeans. 

Back home, Jake and I finished cleaning up the fallen tree (the crabapple partially bit the dust, forever altering my view) and Ben came out and...well, he climbed the huge pine and threw down broken branches.  I raked them all up and put them on the burn pile.  Still don't know what he was thinking.  When Matt got home, we went to take advantage of a particularly decent sale at the local grocery store and stocked up on staples.

Tomorrow will be another exciting day for us, we are heading to get the car tags renewed!  It will include a trip to the library and dining out with Matt and his mom.  Afterward, I will get the rest of our groceries, then we will be broke again.  But hey, only 2 weeks until the next paycheck!

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