Monday, March 18, 2013


Okay, it's not until Wednesday, but there are people here with Christmas decorations still up, so I can be excited 2 days early if they can be 3 months lazy.  But SPRING is practically here!

The weekend was very productive, I got a LOT of brush cut and burned in prep for moving the fence, Jake and I covered the sink drain area with a huge sheet of glass to help dry out the ground faster and rocked around the edge to make it look a little nicer (and keep Niabutt OUT of the stinky water!).  The end plan is to extend the pipe further out into the pasture and possibly have it drain into a buried cistern much like the septic tank, but for now, it's in what will soon be the extended back yard. 

Friday evening, I had the migraine of the decade.  If I had been home with just the kids, I would have called an ambulance or at the very least, Suzette to come up-I was that sure I was not going to make it through the evening.  I pretty well decided it was an aneurism and after it let up a little, I had the worst dream I have had in years.  Saturday I got dizzy every time I moved faster than a slug.  Which is how I ended up sitting on my butt in the back, sawing privet with the limb saw all afternoon. 

Matt had taken Ben and Chandler into town for things they had planned with friends.  Jake stayed about 3 feet away all day, he's such a good kid.  Which...did not keep him from being a mouthy so and so yesterday!  He's entered a new phase I like to call 'backtalk 101'.  He is not good at it, so his approach is to simply disagree with me or totally change what I said into what he would rather hear.  He was difficult at 3, 9 and again at 13, I really thought I was 'done' seeing how he will be 18 in 6 months, but no.  I don't fully understand why he's flexing this particular muscle, having an annoyed mama has never served him well at all.  Maybe he's doing some of that 'prepping to be on his own' nonsense.  Cutting ties or whatever the psych books call it.  He won't graduate until NEXT spring, he's not going anywhere any time soon.  (I foresee looking back in a year and moaning about how fast the time went).

At any rate, this is shaping up to be a light week.  I still feel pretty bad, my headache has not fully abated and sometimes it gives a little jolt, plus I feel a little nauseated still from throwing up Friday night.  I doubt the smokey burn pile helped either issue at all.  This morning, I already hear the thunder off in the distance.  I am looking forward to hanging out most of the day and reading.  Right now I can see a squirrel in the walnut tree outside my window.  He's sitting there on a branch, eating.  The wind has picked up and the branch is moving around in big circles and he's just peeling his breakfast and throwing the shell down, not paying any attention to the fact that he's blowing around.  He must be new, since he's spent the last half hour running to the end of every branch up there.  Just stay off the ground, squirrel!  We buried 3 voles and a squirrel in the past week, 2 rabbits and a raccoon.  With the dogs going after bigger animals and the cats taking out every mouse and bird they can catch, I think of the fenced yard as 'death acre' sometimes...

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