Tuesday, July 29, 2014

9 days in and plans underway

So, today is my 9th day of bed rest. My ankle is doing very well. Swelling is at a minimum and I can walk around the house using my crutches without any pain, though I still tire easily and it starts to ache after about 15 minutes of being up. I have been exercising, which helps my mood, even if it's a bit awkward. My left leg balance skillz are off the hook. Yo.

Yesterday we got our newest confirmation for Disney via a 12 digit number to make things happen. We were able to go online last night and personalize our Magic bands which will be sent in the mail shortly. Mine is pink. With their new magic + system you can go online at home and reserve your spot in line in the park, picking fast pass times, making meal plans and even holding yourself a spot for viewing the fireworks and parades. You also use the bands as your ticket and in place of a debit card, so when the kids are on their own they can still eat without having to carry anything. There's a tracking app to keep up with everyone and purchaces (that we don't want to carry with us) will be sent to our resort...it's a pretty painless way to potentially go through a lot of money!

Our seminar is about sustainable living and will be held in the living with the land pavilion at EPCOT. That's probably my favorite place in the whole park. Well, there's Japan and Norway...oh, who can decide? At any rate, I am super excited about the location and the topic!

2006 on Ben's 7th birthday

2008 on Ben's 9th birthday
The baby should always be extra celebrated.

I am sure I will have more Disney stuff to talk about over the coming weeks, I am glad our planning stuff is operational, that has a learning curve and is fun! I used the photo app to take a pic of my foot and add a hat and sticker. So don't worry, I am not mouldering away too badly!


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