Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We have a had a seriously slow summer.  

Part of my lax summer has been I am supposed to be resting my shoulder. I did something to it that made moving it in any way excruciating and the pain comes back almost at random, making shooting pains (similar to being shocked) to my wrist.  Then it goes numb for a while and my elbow aches like I whanged it.  I looked up this thing called nerve flossing and it has made a HUGE difference in the pain levels.  Now it only consistently hurts moving it in one way, which I can avoid or at least plan around.  The 'surprise' shooting pains are down to a couple times a day, nothing compared to a week ago but still enough to make me wiggy about moving it much.  I walk around with my wrist pressed against my chest to keep my arm still, Matt says it hurts his heart to see me doing that.  I say better his heart than my shoulder!  He can shut his eyes.  haha!

This weather is amazing, today it's not even going to hit 80.  Yesterday, it was so hot I thought I might actually be getting soft around the edges, like pressing a thumb into my thigh would leave a dent.  Tonight-57 degrees!  I have enjoyed that aspect of not having climate control-the nights have been cool all summer, dipping into the 60's often.  There are days when it stays very nice outside and I don't think I would have been aware of that 80 degree coolness if I was keeping the house at 75.  It's been a really mild summer, though bit dry.

You know how there are hinges in life-days or events that things must be done before or put off until after? Some are small-we'll deal with that after the camping trip.  Some are big-like not making any financial-heavy plans until we found out if Ben was going to have to have surgery.   Today is a hinge day, a major, huge, Big Hinge Day.  Matt is at a meeting right now that may totally change his work life, which will totally change our home life.  Even if he does not take the new job, he has started the paperwork to go back to school where he is-to take all the classes he can with tuition reimbursement and go from there into something new.  He's ready for a change, I know he's miserable, which is reflected in how he interacts with us-so I am ready for a change, too.

We have some things coming up.  A more adventurous weekend than usual, a teen camping trip soon, a family adventure week after school gets back in session, a new photography club, a book club for moms, a new cover school and hopefully some new friends in the making and more chances to spend time with old friends.  The cool weather this week and my shoulder feeling better has me in the mood to get back to writing and tinkering.  I made spaghetti sauce today with things from the garden.  It looks lovely-the orange and yellow and red and purple tomatoes blending together spiced with fresh basil and oregano and rosemary and my lovely smoked sea salt.  Jake said it smelled like 'high end pizza' in the house.  I only had a dozen tomatoes, that will make about a cup of sauce!  MAYBE

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