Thursday, July 24, 2014

Damn French People

So I was getting all ready to write Disney World about my brilliant idea. A roller coaster of the East Australian Current featuring Crush! I googled to see if there was already something like that in motion then I discovered that Disneyland Paris already has the very coaster I envisioned and it's been there since 2007.

What good is a brilliant mind if someone already had your idea? There's no proof you're actually brilliant I mean, maybe I read it somewhere and it lodged in my brain and in my boredom my brain coughed it up for me to think about. Maybe my brain wanted me to think I had an idea. That in itself is kinda worth thinking about.

In other news, since it has been about 3 hours since I last posted, I have started using talk to text. It's going okay. The software has a real issue with my accent. It appears I don't pronounce the G at the end of most words. I don't really have an issue with that but seeing it printed out makes me feel like a hick.

It's kind of cool to lay here talking to myself and see it appear on the screen, it is as close to being a deity as I will probably ever come. Plus I can say things like onomatopoeia and not have to wonder if I screwed up the spelling. Anyway it's a novelty and it's passing the time while I'm laying here icing my foot. I'll take what I can get in the way of distractions!

Check it out, I spent most of the morning looking up Healing Runes and then drawing them on my leg. Yes that is a rune from that book about Jace and Clary, no judging! If it works I'll be delighted, if not, I'll have a star on my leg, no harm done either way! Even us heathens need something to believe in.

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