Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flash Float

Our planned trip was cancelled today due to low water levels, so after several ideas being tossed around, we ended up deciding to go to Deb's house to swim and see if we could float down to the park.

The water was too low there as well to get in a long float, so we swam and played a few hours, then headed back to her house to eat and hang out and talk.  We were there nearly 10 hours!  ack.

Katy and Dy and their families as well as Katy's mom and dad all came.  It's Katy's mom's birthday, so it was fun to be part of her adventure today!

Chan's tanline from last week, we all nearly cooked in that 7 hours of sun!  She developed wings and a little dark line across her lower back.

This is the most patient and tolerant cat I have ever seen.

Inde was fascinated with the grasshoppers, there's one on Chan's leg and Matt was pointing out the parts.

My lovely and very tired baby girl.

We had a great time both in and out of the water.  I always like to hang out and chat and today was so relaxed.

We came home with an extra kid, though I am not sure how they plan to stay awake for anything too exciting.  I am about to drop and I didn't do half as much sheer running around as they all did.

On the way home we watched the super moon rise and I took a few super blurry shots of it!  It was really pretty coming up as we headed out of town toward home and we watched it rise over the fields.  The plan was to go for a walk and take some pictures of it and by the time we got showers and had a snack, it was looking like a regular moon and therefore deemed worth missing for the sake of sleep.  hahaha!  Oh well, there will be another one next month!

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