Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pool Time

I actually unfriended Deb once because she was using my photos on her page and here I am, using her photos on my blog, but I am giving her credit, so there's the difference. Hahaha!

Last night, Matt dropped the kids off to swim with the teen group. I love how much they do, there's something every week at least and when I plan stuff, people actually show up. It's been really nice to be a part of, I know the kids have made new friends.

There is this one girl who comes now and then and she's made a project of Ben. She had him off talking away to him for nearly 2 hours at one event and on the way home, I asked him about her. He said she was strange and he was not sure she told the truth because she said contradictory things. I don't know many boys going on 15 who were singled out by a pretty girl that would keep up with what she said. I am glad he is levelheaded, at that age if a boy talked to me for 2 hours...I probably would have had our children named by the time I got home.

The kids are all mature about the whole 'liking' someone issue. Jake and Rho chat for a few minutes most nights, go for weeks sometimes between visits and always have at least 1 of their 5 siblings with them and have yet to be anywhere without at least both mamas in the immediate area and they behave very well. They hold hands, sit together, walk around talking...there's no sneaking off to make out or declarations of adoration or anything else that they could not do with Eyrin 2 feet away. And she usually is, if not sitting actually on Jake. I am so glad they have all this time to take things as they come. He calls her 'Love' sometimes, it's adorable. Eyrin is 'Bit'. So is Inde and he calls them 'Bits' when they are referred to in the collective.  "Come here, Bits!"

Let's see, this started as a post abut the kids going to the pool and not burgeoning love lives. Let me post my stolen photos that I took in that I clicked 'save as'.

See, there's Jake and Rho with Chan between them.

Katy appears to be smiling at Jake while punching Alex in the forehead...

Jake and Rho with a wall between them.
There were 75 people from our cover there!
Needless to say, the teens gathered in a group and stayed that way.
The kids had a blast, I have been assured they want to go again ASAP.
Though not wearing a beloved swimsuit, the chemicals bleached them out 3 shades!

Ah, that was kind of gratifying-no resizing, no sifting through to get the better shots-just click and post!

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