Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Osum Park Day!

With the weather cooling off, it was time for a park day!  

I posted online about it and did not hold much hope, but 4 other families showed up, 16 kids in total!  2 of the families had cousins along as well.  :)  Some of the younger kids went to play in the water.

We have not seen this face in weeks!  They have been at the beach-well, and working.

They walked around the lake, played cards then played the ninja game and finally ended with Catan before just sitting around and talking.
We hung out until 6 before everyone realized, "we must eat".

Eyrin got a hold of some markers and a very willing Chandler.  Her thigh says 'Chan is osum-Jac is werd'
Her other one says 'you or osum!'   Eee!  I love phonetic spellers!
Awesome should totally be osum.

The baby-who is nearly TWO-is learning to flip.  It is SOOO cute, I swear he is the most adorable blond baby boy in the Universe, I could watch him just toddle around for hours on end...well, okay I HAVE watched him for hours on end.  I know Amanda thinks I am dotty, but when the monkey is not yours, the circus is sheer entertainment.  Even the way he makes big eyes with his mouth tiny and round is enthralling.  hehehe  Oh well, at least I enjoy the little kids, I could be allergic.  ha!

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