Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Too soon

My minimal time spent afoot yesterday led to my wounded foot turning green with bruises, so today I'm back on full bed rest *insert huge gusty sigh here*.

The kids have done their best to keep me entertained today. First there were board games, then Jake read our Tarot cards. I seem to be aspiring to fame and should rely on my family for support as well as inspiration. Chandler has a more horrific forecast in that all her cards were kind of ominous. I feel Jake may have stacked them that way. True to form, she could barely stop laughing as he pointed out her past-the devil card, her present-the death card and her future-the hanged man.

I ordered Jake a violin, he has decided as soon as it arrives that he will practice until he has mastered it, a process that should take about a week. He plans to go from there to the kendo sword, thus filling the last bit of time before our trip. It's good to have some plans that don't involve witchcraft. Hahaha!

Speaking ominous events, I had a really weird dream last night. I was cold and snuggled up with Matt in the classic spoon snuggle, me in front. Ben and Chan came in to ask me a question and they were both freaked out. I could barely wake up, I was so sleepy! I asked why they were so freaked, Chan said, "what are you doing? " I said (as I snuggled deeper and Matt wrapped his arms tighter around me) "I am freezing, so I am cuddled up with dad, why? "
She said, "mom. That's not dad."

Eeeeee! I woke up (being cuddled! ) and verified that it was still Matt, which I understand can be a little overwhelming when you were sound asleep 2 seconds earlier and suddenly need to give details about yourself to your crazy wife who wants to be very sure you are you. But, why can't he remember what color socks I was wearing December 5th, 2010?

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