Friday, July 25, 2014

Gratuitous amounts of television via Netflix

So during my confinement have been reading teen tragedies involving boring girl who reads and *surprise* magical boy. The latest in this I swear, never ever ending genre, was Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Also, I have been watching Netflix. Today I discovered a 40 episode season of Forensic Files. Holed up in the bed, with Matt and the kids off tubing, I started watching with episode 1, determined to solve as many cases as possible before they return and catch me rotting my brain.

I'd seen a few episodes from the series while at Katy's house but had failed to appreciate the sheer drama of the narrator. INSERT LOW WHISPERY very dramatic VOICE The two were seen drinking heavily and buying (pause, pause, pause) (low and breathy)crack cocaine! I swear the narrator holds his breath for the last paragraph before the commercial break. Watch an episode, seriously. It sounds like he's a split second from passing out, which makes the part after the break hilarious because it's just 2 seconds later and he's fine again.  Doesn't even take a breath.

Other than Forensic Files, I have been watching the series Jack Taylor set in Ireland and starring the guy who plays the Khaleesi's sidekick on Game of Thrones. In a side note I'm totally impressed that talk to text can spell Khaleesi! That's a really good series and you can't help but like Jack even though he's a raging alcoholic and has anger management issues. I sometimes wonder if this is really the case with every man in Ireland, or just every character from every book and movie set in Ireland.

Oh wait, wasn't Waking Ned Devine set in Ireland? That is a fabulous movie.  That was on instant play last time I looked, though I own it on VHS and dvd as well as the soundtrack.  I am playing The Parting Glass at my funeral.  Matt wants Rainbow Connection.  Maybe we can both do both, though Matt doesn't get a funeral, just a service.  You can join him!  We have a playlist somewhere, but have not written out what's going to be said yet. After the whole 'Jesus wanted her for an ornament on his Christmas tree' debacle, there's no WAY some idiot is getting ahold of my service.  Maybe I will make everyone sit through a photo montage.  That would be much more fitting than loads of platitudes.

Another new series to Netflix instant play is Jacob's (and mine) all time favorite, All Creatures Great and Small. You seriously should watch every single episode. With seven seasons it'll take awhile but heck, time's all we've got, right? The books are just as good, not better, because the story and casting in the series is so spot on that I can't find a single fault. The show is often the story verbatim.

I will finish with a single personal reading redemption recommendation to assist my karma, and that is Karin Slaughter's new book, Cop Town. Set in 1974 Atlanta and dealing with blacks and women joining the police force in the midst of a serial cop killer spree, it is well written (all of her books are) and currently a stand-alone book though the characters are so strong I'm sure she could make it into a series. Unless of course she kills everyone off, I haven't actually finished it yet. I got it from the library's ebook site, I was so stoked they had a copy!

Oh yeah, my own story set in Disney World that I'm writing for the kids is coming along very nicely. It's based on a series of absolutely hysterically bizarre things that happened to an older couple (so no children were in danger) while visiting the parks. I used to tell them the stories when they were younger. Chan has begged me to write them out ever since. Now I have lots of time to do just that.

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