Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trying an app!

Looking for an alternative to using my laptop while stuck in the bed. I updated on Facebook, but will do so here now as well.  I am trying an app on my Galaxy tablet called Bloggeroid.  Blogger has its own app, but you can insert post a single photo her post. WTH?  Who even does that regularly?

The doc says 2 weeks totally off the foot, I can resume driving short distances if the swelling stays down after 2 weeks. I am on total bedrest for a week, then I can be up no more than 3 hours a day total, if I use crutches and keep weight off my foot, if the swelling has stopped. It will be 6 weeks before I can start just walking around in the house-foot wrapped, but no crutches. Maybe 8.

I am finding a few things to be hard to manage but I discovered long flowy skirts are the way to go-nothing to pull back up while teetering around. I can of course get up to use the bathroom, so I fix my hair, brush my teeth, put on moisturiser, chapstick...anything to buy myself another minute or two out of bed. I also stand with the crutches and prop my foot up, like a ballerina at the barre, when I can.

My foot does not hurt so much as ache and burn. It wears me out, I sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. I came in from the doc Tuesday and collapsed. Even sitting in a chair to watch a dvd is exhausting, I am good for about an hour. I worry about my long term health, being this sedentary, even with 'good cause' is horrible for a body. Plus, my stamina will be shit after weeks of this and Disney is not far away.

I have been doing some in-bed yoga stretches, isometric exercises, using hand weights, whatever I can to move some. I don't want to have to regain my strength and lose 20 pounds just to get back where I was a week ago.

Mainly though, I am bored. I like to watch movies and read and lounge, but that's with lots of getting up to do stuff. Mess around in the garden pulling weeds, brush one of the dogs, take a few photos, walk to the mailbox, run to the store, do the dishes, make lunch or change out the laundry. Even on my worst vegging out days, I was up every hour for 20 minutes or so, just to tinker and wander around. And that was between active stretches when we were out off doing things. I am not adjusting well, but know I have to do the down time. You get one chance to heal properly-after that it's months more pain, limited function, rehab and maybe surgery not to mention a better than good chance of reinjury.

Okay, well that's my news. In other news, the kids are all off with friends for the day. Matt dropped them at the pool last night and they went home with various buddies, he will pick them up tomorrow at Deb's, where everyone is meeting up for lunch and playing in the river. As much as I want to go, I know it is a bad idea, slick mud and shifting rocks and slippery spots, not to mention the hill.  It's nothing when you can walk, but there's no way I could manage on crutches, I am SO bad at using them even between here and the bathroom.

Okay, I can't see the images, but they should be me, dramatically bored, my feet on the wall to show off my bruised shins and my wounded foot even more wounded after Nia decided to take me out of the pack. I went fom Alpha bitch to wounded wildebeest in one short slip.

Let's see if this thing works!

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