Monday, November 3, 2014

1st Ave Rocks

1st Ave Rocks in B'ham has started offering a homeschool PE class on Mondays until 3 for $7.50 a kid plus optional $3 climbing shoes.  Get there any time before 3 and climb as long as you want.

We decided to head down today and check it out and ended up taking Beck, Alex and Emma with us.

There are 3 huge climbing-I will call them bays.  And 3 sloped areas across from the climbing area with some very technical climbing do-dads.

It was all free climb, no harnesses. 

One of the sloped technical things I was talking about.

The walls were only around 12 feet high and the floor was 4 inches of heavy foam topped with crash pads.

There is a couch up there, we finally had to yell for the kids to come down.
I didn't drive them an hour one way to sit on a couch!  hahaha!

In the first bay, there are 4 courses with counter-weighted clip-on lines for smaller kids to use a harness and climb without any worries about falling.  When they get as high as they want, they just let of of the wall and the counter weigh lowers them slowly until they can touch the ground.

We met up with Amanda's crew and Deb and Dae.

They climbed from about 2:20 until nearly 5.  We had to leave to get the Huntsvillians back to meet their ride, next time we will get there earlier!

Chalked jazz hands!

In the end, everyone ended up renting shoes.

I had it braided and it eventually worked loose, so I put it in a bun.
Ben's hair has become it's own entity.

We ended up stopping to eat at Taco Bell, the kids were starving.

It was fun, we were the only homeschoolers there, though by 4, public school kids were trickling in and by 5, people were coming by after getting off work, so it got a little busier, but there was still a good bit of room for them to do their own thing.
We would certainly go back!

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