Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Autumnal Walk with Dogs

I have been up early the last few days thanks to Kaiju, who loves to be up with the sun and preferably fed, watered, pottied at least twice and with something to wrestle by no later than 6:15 a.m.  She is happy to make do with your ankles and feet if no toys are instantly provided.  Or your pant cuff, it's all good nomming.

I opted to take advantage of my now seemingly endless days and deep clean the house and finish some projects.  I have also tried to buy a new sofa 3 times now, but that is flat not working out.  The new one I had my eye on got jacked up in the price arena and I was actually headed to get another one yesterday off Craigslist and she sent me a message that someone else was there to get it.  ARGH.  That annoys me!  The third one ended up being gargantuan!  It looked normal in the pic, but the measurements were for Viking sizes.

This morning, we had a load of wood delivered.  It seemed to take forever to stack it, but I already know it won't last long.  He gave us a quote of an even thousand to cut down the white pine behind the house and leave it for us to dispose of.  Now THAT would be a bonfire!

I needed a break from all the cleaning up and cleaning out, so this afternoon I took the dogs for a walk/run.
I decided to bring along my camera because I have not taken any photos of the fall colors yet and hardly any photos of anything other than puppies when I did pick up my camera.

In the new trails through the old pasture, I spotted this little guy:

That was a thrill, I love owls and seeing one less than 6 feet away was super exciting!  I actually had to back up to focus, I only had my zoom lens!

Since getting back to the house, Nia and Kaiju have been playing like mad, mostly chase me-chase you, but it's still super adorable and makes my heart feel happy.  I want them to work out as playmates, Kuma will come around later I am sure.  Right now, she's smaller than the cats.  But not for long, I swear she's bigger every morning.  I heard Jake telling her today, "You have to stay little until my birthday!" That's this Friday, but he's thinking it's iffy that she will remain small that long.

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