Sunday, November 9, 2014


Kaiju has a new middle name.  Sandwiches.  I have no idea what sparked the change, but it caused great glee when it happened.  And I keep calling her Kairu and Kaija, so there's no telling how much therapy she will need later on.  I am sticking with Kai to be safe.  Everyone calls her 'Puppy' anyway.

48 hours in, she peed in the floor 3 times the first night, right in a row.  It was about a half hour span, with several minutes outside in between.  We were worried she was going to be horrible to train.  Pound dogs only get to go out twice a day, so puppies just pee where they are, they can't wait 12 hours!  We made a big 'no, no!" and scooped her up mid-stream and ran her out each time.  And put the water up for the night, ack!

By yesterday, she was better about realizing outside was MUCH preferred by all and went outside all but one time.  We decided it was a sign that she really does like us.  Today she had one tinkle right in front of the door on the tile, Jake was trying to get the door open and she just could not make it.  She has gone outside EVERY time we take her out!  I know that's because we take her out 3-4 times an hour, but every success is a success! She's even (sometimes) going to the door and when we open it, she goes right out to the grass to tinkle.

She's kenneled at night and we are all waiting for that to work out.  So far, she cries and Jake worries she needs to potty and takes her outside.  Not just 2-3 times, but a dozen times.  We are going to come up with a schedule and see if that helps.  For one thing, he's letting out all our heat opening the door that many times!

I got a few shots of her today while working on 'sit'.  Nia was LIVID.  I swear, she is in for a shock when this 8 pound cat-sized annoyance shoots up to 50 pounds.  It will go SO fast!  I think her feet are twice as big as they were Thursday and it's just Sunday!

We all do the baby sleep.  She's SO cute.

NOT watching the baby sleep, dammit.


She goes 'wuf wuf' and rabbits her legs.
There really is nothing quite so squishy cute.

I can sit!  I am good girl!  Yay!

She has that 'give me the treat' stare down pat already.


I want to fuss about this but...well, she's his dog.
And there's Chan's knees.  We all just watch the puppy sleep.  Even when she's laying on Jake.
Except Nia, of course.

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