Saturday, November 8, 2014

Athens, Puppies, Junk

Last Wednesday we went to Athens to see the Smithsonian 'The Way We Worked' exhibit and met up with Karen and Keilee!

This is Elkmont, the building at the very top is where Belle Chevre is now!

The exhibit is pretty cool.  You 'clock in' on a time card and fill in your name, town and e-mail.  At the end, you clock out again and drop it in the basket.  It's fun and it's a GREAT way for them to collect data right down to how long you spent looking!

Jake was convinced that aloe plant is Cthulhu.  Lovecraft has caught his radar of late.

Remember when they did bear bating in Athens?

I THINK it's because the college is the Black Bears,  but...well, that's odd is all.

So the exhibit is from the Smithsonian and that middle bit travels around all over the state.  It will be in Cullman after the first of the year.
The outside edges were all local to Limestone County-photos, exhibits and information.  That was really cool, I enjoyed it and I am interested to see what Cullman puts up when it arrives!

We had lunch together and talked non-stop, but barely made a dent in catching up.  I hope we can get together again soon!

Thursday, of course, we adopted Kaiju and Jake went to dance class.  

Friday, Matt took the van to pick up the puppy after work (she had to stay IN Madison County until she had been spayed!) and to borrow a trailer from friends.

The kids and I spent the whole day cleaning out!  We hauled around ALL the dead appliances from the shed and backyard.  Then we cleaned out the rest of the shed and it's EMPTY!!

We piled it in the front and headed inside.  I cleaned out bookshelves and we bagged up clothes and books to donate, I burned some paperwork we no longer need, we took a few bags to recycle.  We worked the WHOLE day.

Saturday, Matt and I got up early and loaded the stuff into the trailer.  It ALL fit!  We got it to the dump and it was 1080 pounds!

After the dump, we went to see my father and meet my new brother, Butterbean!

He's a 6 week old Maltipoo

Hello Big Sister!

When not asleep, he is a MESS.  I have no idea if Daddy regrets getting a tiny baby dog-he's never had a dog inside and it's been 30 years since our last 'family' dog, but he is  hard at work spoiling him rotten. I told Matt I enjoyed my 4 decades of being Daddy's favorite, but I think I have been replaced.

Back at home, I have no photos of Kaiju one on one because when I try, three jealous other dogs show up and distract her.  Well, I DO have about 40 photos of her.  All BLURRED.

We think Kaiju is 100% German Shorthaired Pointer and that she was surrendered to the pound by the breeder when it was discovered that her eyes were not brown.  They are currently blue and could stay that way or could change into yellow or green.  Anything other than brown is undesirable, therefore to anyone looking to sell or show-she would be useless.  She has every other marker of the breed, including webbed toes.  When Nia comes to her senses, she will be thrilled to have a little swimming buddy

I could not resist this one today, though.  I was on the steps and Kai was jumping around like a crazy thing trying to get Nia to play.  Nia just me this look like, "Why, mom?"

Here is another accusatory stare I snapped from the side, it's blurry, but telling. hehehehe

Kaiju has HER boy, keeps drinking HER water, lays on HER bed and worst of all, Kaiju was menacing Camo Moose.  That has been Nia's lovey since day one.

She is not happy at all. 

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