Saturday, November 15, 2014


19 years ago today, I was getting ready to meet Chandler, who turned out to actually be Jake!  Life sent her along a couple years later.  :)  It knew I'd need my boy first.

My sweet child, all roundness and smiles and trial and error.  Such a forgiving soul, as if he too had no idea what to do and did not mind my stumbling around.  By 3, he was saying, "Well, let's reconvene in the morning and try this thing again, mama."  And we did.  Every day was a new start and most days we got it right.  Most days, we still do.  And when we don't-there's always tomorrow.

He's always been that way, handing out a clean slate and finding the very best in any situation.  It's not a trait he got from me, but it's one I admire.  He's such a good person, his heart is huge and so fragile.  He hasn't yet learned that the world is not always kind.  But thank goodness he has good friends and good people around him, loving adults in particular.

This coming year will be so full of changes, I mourn the passing of his childhood while remaining almost anxious to see what comes next for him, what choices he will make, what adventures and experiences he will undertake.  Job, college, travel?  Will he choose to stay home another year and take more online classes and keep learning the foxtrot?  He knows who he is, there's no pull to 'find himself'.  I don't know anyone happier and more content or with more self esteem.  It can get annoying.  hahaha!

On this birthday night, Phoenix is here to celebrate into tomorrow with him.  She has spent every birthday of his and Chan's with us for 6 years now.  I love that.  This is the first one Emily has not been to, and she has been missed.  Arden, Alex and Emma also stayed, I hear the 7 of them on the other side of the door all chatting and laughing and Ben playing the banjo.

So thankful for those who took the time to join us to celebrate.
So sorry we dragged you out in the freezing weather to do it!

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