Monday, November 24, 2014

Many Movies!

Teen Scene met up at Dy's house to marathon the Hunger Games movies before the new one came out last week.

I read the first book, then listened to it about a year later with the kids and then we pulled the last audiobook cd out of the player and put in the first movie.  HUGE MISTAKE!
The first movie, compared to the book, was AWFUL, so we did not continue the series.

Jake, last year, finished the series of books, but none of us were interested in seeing the rest of the movies.

Enter, friends and hanging out.  Suddenly-more interested!

We finished the first 2 on Wendesday and met up Friday to see the 3rd movie at the theater.

I am pretending it's snow.
Out my bedroom window!

Kai eating Nia's ears.  Nia is SO patient with this horrible puppy.
I am calling her Gator, she is all teeth and mean!
I am typing this left handed and with a pencil in my teeth.

There were about twice this many kids at the movie, but cold yogurt for dinner only appealed to this crew.

The movies were good, having not read the books!  

We are headed out today for the first in a hiking series for our cover school.  I am hoping that will go well!

Gator is going to the vet in the morning for her check-up.  : )  I hope they find my hand...

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