Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rollerskating and other Occurences

The puppy sleeps like a ROCK with the heating pad on low.  And laying in my bed.

This had mixed results.  The blue side was streaky blue, the dark purple side looks like  her regular dark brown hair color in all but super bright light.  So it looks like half her hair was attacked by little girls with markers.  Which has happened.

Last night we met friends to go roller skating at Skate Odessey.  First, the woman there made us go back outside and wait, despite the building being open and WARM (it was 22 out with wind chill in the teens) and almost no one was inside (a Relay for Life event was going on, there were maybe 10 people total)
We had 11 kids, 4 under 10 and it was COLD.  We had to wait 10 minutes.

Then the woman let us in and Amanda has 4 kids, Katy has 4 kids.  Amanda paid for 3 and went in.  I paid for my 3 and went in.  She charged Katy for Owen, who was not skating. Her reason was that people drop their kids off to hang out and not skate.  He was sitting with 3 adults the whole time!

We opted to boycott the concessions and arcade in protest.

I cropped it funny to crop out the littles and blurry Beck who did not want to be in the shot.  :)  Owen looks less than thrilled himself!
Elan was there, but had gone out to his car because he had hurt his wrist in a fall and did not want to mess with skating any more.  They found out a few days later that it's broken!  :(

We went to...Taco Bell!  LOL
This was meant to be a cute cuddle shot, but it looks like he knocked her out and dragged her in.  ack!!

Back home, Matt had been on dog duty and Nia was NOT happy that the puppy wanted some snuggles.

Kaiju has not healed well from her spay, she's too active!  The vet gave me some stuff but wants to see her early next week, she may need to be restitched and there's a little concern about the underlying muscle because it's bulging.  If that happens, we will have to board her there for a day or two until she is well on the mend and then stay with her around the clock, but I don't know how to keep her calm, she's either asleep or leaping around like the floor is electric.

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