Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So, back in July I twisted my right ankle and tore out various tendons and nerves and spent weeks in bed.

Then I had various set-backs, mainly from doing too much too soon, but also a couple minor tweaks that would send me back to bed for a few days.

In August, I cracked my three middle toes and ended up BACK in bed nearly a week and I can not say how many times I have stubbed them since, mainly on SHOES left out when I am trying to get to the bathroom at 2 in the morning, leaving them aching for hours.

That's all healing and in fact, at Disney my toes were the main culprit when my foot hurt and not my ankle.  I did keep it wrapped, though.  In fact, it's wrapped right now, over 3 months after I hurt it. I don't put weight on it unwrapped if I can help it.  I won't until at least the new year.

Yesterday I walked around the bed to get my tablet to take in case I wanted to read while the kids were climbing and WHANGED my pinky toe on the chest of drawers.  I finished getting dressed anyway and drove the kids down and back and when I got home, my toe was black. I knew it hurt all afternoon, but I was in denial.  By the time I got my sock off, I was a believer.  Even the sheet hurt. :( Today, I can't walk on it.  I  never thought I would get tired of sitting in bed with nothing better to do than watch Netflix and place lunch orders with the chef of the day among the kids.  But for really realz, I am.

those scabs?  Oh, those are fire ant bites.

This year for Christmas, I want steel toed house shoes.

That's three major foot ailments, I hope I am DONE.

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