Monday, November 24, 2014

First Hike!

Today was the first hike for Kaiju and for our new hiking series for our cover school.  Not sure if I explained the whole thing before, but this year, we are getting free coverage in exchange for me planning group events through the year.  I know I was done with all of that sort of thing, but we have been so busy with the high school age group and I plan so much for that, sometimes every week, that planning for the larger base of folks was no big deal.  Plus, I have nothing invested-if no one is interested, I plan something else.  Or go without them. I am not emotionally involved in trying to please a small group of people who never in turn plan anything on their own or invite me to join if they do.  It's just a job.

So far it's working well and there is usually a good turn out-other than that volunteering fiasco which I still am amused/annoyed about.  At least I know the entirety of the 500 families in the cover are all slackers or can't keep a promise-other than Katy (who showed up).  That helps plan the next thing.  hahaha!

Anyway, with the weather being what it is this time of year, I planned today's hike Friday and posted it.  Got lots of 'next time!' replies, which are next to useless other than it let's me know there IS an interest, just probably not at the level I am going about it.  My ankle is still...well, it's not healed.  But if it's ever GOING to heal, it has to work and be used.  I can't use the treadmill because I have to vary my step more than it allows, so walking on even ground has been my only exercise beyond physical therapy stuff.  So-refuge to the rescue!  We did the 4 mile loop at Arrowhead Landing, which is always a lovely walk.  Took us less than 2 hours!

First, terrible puppy!  She's on Nia's bed and Nia is crammed in Kaiju's baby bed!

Second, this.

Ben said those birds were 'Alabama water cotton'

Water levels are down!

Only one family joined us today, but they were really nice and love getting out and hiking.  I'll take one interested person over a dozen who don't want to be where they are any day!

Kai wailed and WAILED on the way, she even howled while yawning.
On the way home, she slept.

She slept so hard that she stuck her muzzle in the cup holder and stayed there.

Back home, she ATE, she was so hungry that walking in the house she went straight to the dog food bag (not even her puppy food) and started barking and biting it, trying to tip it over.  She is a HUGE menace, we are going to have our hands full if she's still this bossy at 65 pounds!

On the house training business, she's not doing amazingly.  She won't go in the yard unless someone goes out and tells her to go.  So the kids let her out and in with Nia and when she comes inside after being out there for 20 minutes, she pees.  It amazes them EVERY time.  I don't mean like once a day, I mean EVERY time.  I worry.

But when I remind them every single time to 'go out and tell her to potty' and they do, she can go the whole day without peeing inside.  Matt and I also take her out, at least half the time.  I have never thought a young person should be in charge of an animal without an adult checking in often.

Anyway, so that was our first group hike and puppy hike, I think both went well and I am looking forward to next time!  When I got in, I had 3 requests for going hiking in other places, so I may be on to something!

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