Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teens and Wildflowers!

don't mix.

We did a wildflower walk (seeing a pattern of some kind?) for Earth Day.  It turned out to be my favorite of the year.  The kids came and went like a wave of noise through the woods and it ended up being just Deb and myself joined later by Gina who roamed around looking at flowers.  Deb knows lots of flowers, she filled in my gaps and I filled in hers and there were still a few things neither of us knew.  But I do feel like I learned more new stuff walking with her for 20 minutes than I have looking through my wildflower books this year.

Wild Azalea

Dwarf Fothergilla


Bush honeysuckle

Chinese Lantern


Wood Sorrel

Solomon's seal

Trailing Trillium

Dwarf iris

Oxeye daisy

What was up with the lighting?  I dunno.  I must have had it set for in the shade.  I did not notice how funky the colors were on this one pic until I got home.

Bloodroot sans flower

Wild hyacinth

Rue Anemone


Oregon Grape