Friday, April 19, 2013

Good News Friday

I have not done a good news Friday in a while.  Not because it's all doom and gloom, out of the habit, I guess.

I was lounging in my hammock yesterday, marveling at the internet-I can download a book from the library without even sitting up.  I can take a photo and send it out to friends and never touch a print, I can check the weather or look up movie times, or even watch a movie via Netflix.  It really is AMAZING when you stop to think about it.  It occurred to me that life is like that.  You tend to find what you look for.  So while not an original concept, I do want to focus more on looking for the good stuff and let the crappy things fall by the wayside.  I want more joy.

So, good news Friday is back in business.  : ) 

I did not have to go far to find something good today-friends!  We planned to have a creek hike on Matt's day off and the temps went from 83 yesterday to 58 today.  So, we had a last-minute lunch here to hang out and chat about the upcoming camping trip, my very favorite week out of the whole year.

Bobby and Gina stopped en route at the dealership to pick up the part to fix my van's broken AC.  Bobby said he could install it, he has already installed 3 on his vehicle.  He did it, and for half what the local shop was going to charge me!  Woot, woot! 

 Wish I had a bigger house so I could keep them all.

$70 piece of plastic.  INSANE.  What's more, they wanted $165 for labor to remove it and replace it!
We changed Nia's name to Niabee because she needed something longer, though she does not listen to that one, either.  She's got such potential, but I am ready for this puppy phase to end.  In...19 more months.  ha!  Why did I get a puppy?  Have you SEEN her?  She's so damn cute!  But if she's a nutball until she turns 2...well, let's focus on the positive.  She's been house trained since mid-February, fastest house training dog ever!  Even Zeppie-who was supposed to BE trained when we got her-was still going potty in the house for at least the first 2 months.

Next-we are having a lovely herb walk this weekend and plan to learn several new wildflowers.  Also, stopping by Prairie Cedar Glade, which I have wanted to go to in the spring for about 5 years now.  GETTING TO.  woo!

They found the Boston bombers, there's a new werewolf series out on Netflix, the weather is going to warm up but not get hot for the next 10 days at least, flax seed is super good for me and I love them, my hammock is still in the top 10 best purchases ever and now it's the weather to lay in it around the clock.  There's a camping trip in the works, possibly two.

That's it for this week, though no doubt I have missed a few things, I am off anyway to watch a movie with my honey!