Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Botanical Gardens

Today I needed to run to Birmingham to pick up an order I had placed and drop off Erin's hat we borrowed back in February.  So, I woke the kids up and only Chandler was functioning, so we headed out to the big city.  Picked up my order with little trouble, though the gummy bears were out of stock!  *sob*  After that, we went to see Erin for a few minutes and talked to one of the people who will be doing hair and such for the event that the girls and Jake are going to be modeling for later this month.  Then it was time to eat! 

After lunch, we opted to head to the Botanical Gardens to see what was in bloom. Turns out, quite a bit!  There is little in life I enjoy more than getting in the groove with my camera and shooting things.  I do very well with flowers, plus I enjoy looking at them and I make an effort to learn their names, in all, an afternoon in a garden or the woods is one of the best ways to spend my time. 

I took about 100 pictures, I tried to narrow it down somewhat, but I liked so many, that more than half made the final cut.  :) 

Combo planting of poppy and phlox

Likely a type of pansy

The wild child



Wild geranium

false garlic


lesser daisy fleabane

Eastern shooting star

dwarf iris


bleeding heart

red star anise




blue-eyed grass

sweet shrub

This is a type of rhododendron, though I have never seen it before



This is a blooming fern from Japan, I liked the color.

 Bee in English Dogwood

tulip tree


We had a wonderful afternoon, though it was HOT.  The AC is back to blowing warm air in the van, I guess that is next on The List, though it was not originally on The List, so that sucks eggs.  I hate adding new issues before we resolve things that have been patiently waiting in the background.  At least the hall bathroom floor is all fixed up.  One thing down at any rate!