Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random April

We tried pizza from Dominos on Monday
They are pretty small, so we also picked up Taco Bell.

They look pretty good!  I like a hearty crust, but gluten free crusts are like sheets of paper.  Rice paper.  ha!

 The vote was unanimous, we all liked the pizza just fine.  At $8 for an 8 inch, it's not going to happen often, but it is, sadly, better than Mellow Mushroom, where a 12 inch GF pizza is $20.

Yay, pizza!  (and Taco Bell)
 After the above picnic, we hit the library and the orthodontist and then went to Karen's house for a couple hours to visit and see her FIVE new tiny baby goats.  SO cute!  Did I get a photo?  No! 

We followed this most of the way back, life in rural Alabama in the spring!
I never complain about getting stuck behind tractors and such, agriculture is our number one industry!
Plus, food.  I like it.

This is my very first order!  Coconut marshmallows.  I added samples of my newest creation, Moundsmallows.

This is what Ben and I worked on yesterday, blueberry white tea. 

And the Moundsmallows again.

These are SO good, I only made a half pan and I gave half of that to Suzette to try to stave off a sugar coma.
We decided to make marshmallows once a week and give most of them away, while 2-3 a day is no big deal, there are about 30 calories per marshmallow-less for smaller mallows, double with chocolate and coconut.  But, the base is sugar, no matter how you slice it...
So, maybe I will use my camera today, there are wildflowers all over and I am like a stick in the mud.  I have been on pause while Chan works out if she wants to keep her spot in the local musical.  It's a small role and since they WAY over-cast, it's now shared with another girl.  Not much fun for all the work and running back and forth involved.  But she LOVES to sing and dance, so that may win out yet.  Any chance to go at it on stage is worth it.  Plus...costumes.

Tomorrow is a big storm, 100% chance of bad weather.  I am watching the mockingbirds torment the cats, the sky totally clear and blue and the wind is light and the trees are greening up and I can't imagine it will ever be different.  I would TOTALLY be one of the first to die in a flash flood without the National Weather Service.  We did a storm spotter class, only one other weather service in the nation has a smaller region than the Huntsville office and they also do marine forecasting.  But the Huntsville office gets some of the worst weather in the nation, they are just as busy with their little 11 county range as bigger offices that cover dozens.  I guess that's something to be proud of, but it kinda makes me want to move.  haha