Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SOOOooooo many posts.

I am way behind because what do I like to do?  Bathe, read, sit in a hammock and take photos of flowers.  OMG!  WHAT IF I HAD A BATHTUB IN A HAMMOCK IN A FLOWER BED WITH A BOOK THAT TOOK PICTURES?

This past weekend, there were many flowers to photograph and I only knew a handful of them, so I had to spend some time looking them up, then yesterday we were out most of the day and then this morning the van was back at the shop (if we don't have our teeth looked at or the van on a rack at LEAST once every 6 weeks, the world will stop spinning, it's my duty).  So now, I am tackling the last of the photos and ID's and can start posting.  As soon as I get the kitchen clean and the laundry done and the living room vacuumed and the marshmallows packaged to go out.   The kids are helping.  In fact, Jake has nearly taken over the gathering, washing and drying of laundry-though I still do all the folding.  I like to lay out my plans and start on everything, then go back and forth until it's all done.  I am very much not a single-task person.

Matt and I are low-carbing this week, which made the marshmallow orders that much harder, but I am down 6 pounds (day 4) and while I know that's mostly my water balance correcting itself, the lower numbers on the scale are really motivating to not eat that coconut and chocolate coated marshmallowy goodness.  Just 4 pounds to my next goal and then it's maintain for a few weeks and do it again.  Planning on 30 pounds total this year, I seem to do better with losing in a chunk and then keeping that off by adjusting my food and exercise levels to maintain.  Kept 35 of the original 40 I lost off, so something in my wobbly plan is working.  Of course that 5 pounds has come and gone like a yoyo on crack, I am anxious to get under that and not see the same range on the scale day after day!

It's the end of the day now, Matt is on his way home.  Since I started this, I have indeed gotten the house cleaned back up to my needed level and I also went and had a nail pulled out of a tire and priced 2 newer tires, which I will get Friday morning because Mr. Holmes can not resist giving me a great deal.  I put a can of freon in the van myself instead of dicking around with stupid mechanics who won't listen to me any more.  It's blowing icy cold to medium cold-colder when the van is moving than when it sits still.  My general consensus when I asked me about it was to wait a few days and add another can if I felt the calling.  Since I was in the 'use a can to fix it' mood, I got some drain blaster and poured it in the hall tub.  I don't ever use stuff like that because we have a septic tank and I like to think I am keeping it active and healthy, I even flush yeast down the toilet a few times a year.  But by gum, that drain was SLOW and I know it's all hair.  It was to the point that to have a bath, flipping the thingy was not really necessary.  The water drained out so slowly, it was a moot point.  It's slicker n'snot now, though.  I will sacrifice a cat to appease the septic tank bacterium.  I know just the one, too.

Hopefully I can start posting our weekend and all my new wildflowers soon, it depends on what I come up with to distract me with.  I don't think I have eaten at all today...what's up with that?