Monday, April 15, 2013

Campfire Orange Brownies

We recently made these on a camping trip and I opted to make a separate post about them instead of tacking it on to the trip photos so I could look it up again.

By 'we made brownies' I mean Katy did it and I watched.  But I think I could tackle them myself now.
Cut off the top of the orange and scrape out the inside.  I would leave a little pulp to keep it more moist against the heat of the fire.

Fill with brownie batter, we used gluten free

Put the lids back on and wrap in heavy duty foil

Lay near the fire or on coals

Check...not done
Back in

Done!  It took around 45 minutes, though I would check after 30.  It's difficult to know how hot the coals are.

Even if the outside is burnt crispy, the brownie should be just fine!

See!  It was good, had a very mild orangey flavor

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