Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prairie Grove Cedar Glade

Common Buttercup

 On Sunday, we were heading to a herb walk over at TVA and decided to go on a little early to stop at Prairie Grove Cedar Glade on the other side of Moulton.  We have been there a few times, but not in spring, I was excited to see the area and it did not disappoint!

Karst topography is my very favorite, I love a cedar glade and this is the largest intact one in the entire state of Alabama.  And it's out there in Lawrence County of all places-just waiting to be visited.  There are 11 endangered wildflowers blooming here, not all in the spring, some are summer and fall bloomers.


Alabama Glade Cress

Long leafed summer bluet

Nashville Breadroot

wood sorrel

Alabama glade cress again


Wild Sage
Salvia lyrata

Pink sedum or stonecrop

Daisy Fleabane