Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Wednesday Off

Today, I slept in until nearly 10, reveling in the rain and the cooler weather and the fact that I got so much taken care of yesterday.  My big plan was to read and watch Netflix and make something yummy for lunch and dinner and possibly make up a menu for next week so I can go grocery shopping at some point.  The rest of the week/weekend are in flux because I am waiting to hear back from Erin about when we need to be in B'ham and I need a new (well, 2 since it's the front) tires on the van because I managed to pick up a nail yesterday and upon repairing that, it was discovered my tires are worn badly on the inside, one much more than the other.  I JUST, back in January, got new (used) tires and an alignment 3 days later.  I won't buy new tires because no matter how often I get the van aligned, it still rubs that front passenger side down like a messy second grader's pencil eraser.

At 10:30, I was online looking at what Jake had discovered.  Our Netflix account was in Swedish now and it had a brand new name as the account owner.  (Johannes Melin, you are a shit.)  Anyway, I called because I had no idea what to click to make it be English again.  Turns out, Melin had given many friends gift codes, so they suggested I cancel the card associated with the account.  I got everything squared away with them, changed my password and called the bank.

Got that taken care of with no trouble at all, new card will be here in 5-7 days.  Fine.  Went to make some comfort food and on a low carb week that means one thing.  Bacon.  And when you are me and will not touch pork, it means turkey bacon.  I managed to burn an entire pack, the person who came with with 'thin and crispy' bacon should be shot.

I made another pack and that came out well, turned it into quiche, which the kids devoured, so I had to make another one, I ended making a total of 3, using a total of 30 (hormone free) eggs, an entire pack of turkey bacon, a 2 cup bag of 2% cheese, half an onion, some hummus and bean dip, a zucchini, the rest of the onion dip and I got TWO pieces of ONE KIND!!!  Ack.  Dang growing kids...

I decided to move some money over into our new bank (where I have a working debit card!) and realized, I had no idea what my 'member number' was.  I called and they can only mail it.  So I have to wait until Friday to do that.  I set that account up to have somewhere to put money that was earmarked for the house and for teeth, so it was not in the general account looking like we could spend more than we need to.  And it felt like it was just there saying, "Here is how we are going to pay for our daughter's oral surgery, please just take the balance, it will not be an issue to save it again!"

After the grab and run with the quiches, I came back in to look up some info on Netflix about a movie I was going to watch with Jake, to see the rating and such.  My account had been suspended.  I could reactivate it using a new debit card number and by paying for the full month right away.  I JUST paid for April/May 5 days ago.  That means I paid a full month for 5 days of service plus I have to wait until I have my new card before I can activate the account again, which means no Netflix until the end of next week and by the way, return those 3 dvds you JUST GOT TODAY within 72 hours or we will charge you for them.  Back on the phone, they SAY they are straightening it out.  We will see, I guess.

It turned out, Johannes had changed the debit card into to HIS debit card (Johannes Melin, you are an idiot) and so I cancelled mine for NO REASON.  

I decided to take a bath.  I decided to reuse the rose hips we had made into tea the night before instead of just throwing them away.  I dumped them in the bath and got the hot water going, hopped in and sat back.  Started itching and then feeling shooting pains.  It turns out, rose hip seeds, which pop out when the fruit is hot, have tiny barbs on them.  They itch and poke and 2 hours later, even after rinsing off, then showering with soap and then using a towel to rub every inch of my skin, I feel like I have been rolling naked in pink insulation.

Nia is limping again, this time it's not rabbiting, it's full on 'will NOT put my foot on the floor'.  Same rear leg, I have looked it over and over and I can't see anything wrong.  I thought yesterday that maybe she had been stung, but she would not still limp today.  The last time, she limped 2 days and was back to normal.  I need to get her to the vet, I guess.  UGH

But, Matt is home safely, Mr. Holmes thinks he has located 2 good used tires and is giving me a good deal on both if they will fit.  They are a little taller than what's on there and my concern is that with the camper on, it will rub the tire well.  So not all is doom and gloom and bad news.  Just, an interesting day off around here...