Friday, April 26, 2013


Yesterday we took the girls (and Jake) to Aveda for their fittings and to get Britney's hair cut.  I was going to take some photos of their outfits, but why ruin the surprise?  It's not your usual show, that's for sure!  I went down knowing Chan needed to get shoes to wear, but not knowing exactly what her dress looked like or what the designers thought the look should be, so I did not get any ahead of time.  Gina brought down a basket of shoes, I gave her a hard time about having so many pretty heels-I always see us as tomboys, *I* don't have any fru-fru shoes (other than my pink high-tops!). 

There was a general search for shoes among the students as well as some random bags of stuff they had in the work rooms, they came up with these 5 inch heels that made me gasp when I saw them.  Chan was game to try and they fit, so off we went to the catwalk to practice.  To my amazement, she got up and took off in them, not 100% right away, but after a couple of trips up and down the stage, she was not even looking uncomfortable.  By Sunday, she will be able to trot in them.

Again, the folks at Aveda were SO nice, during the fitting they offered to make any changes to the outfits that would make the girls feel more comfortable.  They let us giggle and have fun with the whole thing and then explained everything that would be going on during the event and what they would be doing, how it was set up and so on.  Afterward, there will be cake, which made the girls squeal and bounce (okay, nearly everything did, but the cake was extra squee-worthy).

When the instructor said the girls would be coming out on stage after the opening number, which was a guy and girl doing ballet, I said, "Hey Jake-that's you."  He went wide-eyed and dead pale.  I said, "What?  I told them you loved to dance, it'll be easy-it's just ballet."  He actually stammered a little.  Poor kid, we let him off the hook, but I have to say after thinking he was going to be dancing ballet with a stranger on stage in front of strangers, the idea of walking to the end and back suddenly seemed like it was not so bad!  His very minor case of nerves settled.

Working with Aveda has been such a positive experience for them, I can't say enough good things about the people there.  I can't wait till Sunday to see them all done up in their trashy outfits!  The dresses really ARE made of all recycled material and trash!  It should be a really fun show with loads of interesting designs.  There are only 30 models in the whole event, I loved how much creativity is going into the whole thing.  Britney is wearing a funky umbrella skirt with a LONG train and has a fauxhawk, which is ADORABLE on her.  Chan is wearing a long, flowy dress and her hair will be loose and finger-curled and elegant.   Jake is wearing...well, I am not giving it all away, but he WILL be covered in glitter.

Daddy no likey his 6' 1 baby girl!