Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stuff and stuff

The oak pollen is slowly zapping my will to live.  I got out early and pulled weeds and picked up limbs from the weekend storm and so forth.  We mowed Monday, though it needs it again already, this time of year is amazing-the speed that green things grow, you can almost watch it happen.  In fact, Ben and I have been looking at time lapse videos on youtube for days now.

Tuesday was our 6 month cleaning and everyone checked out 100% and we all have clean teeth and good, healthy gums.  Nothing in the potential fall of society scares me like the loss of the dentist; death from abscessed tooth seems like a genuinely horrific and totally possible way to go.  I did not have any cavities until I was in my 30's and I have had 4 in the last 6 years.  And I brush and floss like I am training for the tooth Olympics.  If I can't brush right away, I chew gum.  But I still get the cavities, all WAaayyy in the back.  I guess that's what wisdom teeth are for, if you survive the decay of your first round, there's some extras to move into position.

The office was backed WAY THE HELL UP, Matt got in at noon, Chan around 12:45 and I did not go back until last, at nearly THREE.  We were all scheduled at noon.  I was so pissed, the hygienist made some stupid vague effort at chatting about how homeschooling seemed 'really hard and she did not think she could do it'.  I growled, "Then DON'T" and she was quiet after that.  I swear, I am sick to death of people telling me how or why they can't homeschool.  It's not like breastfeeding, which really is universally better for mommy and baby.  If you don't want to homeschool-don't.  It's NOT universally better for mommy and baby.

At any rate, I was supposed to take Chan to the Webkinz Road Trip which had a stop in Jasper at 3:30 en route to Texas for the next month.  We have tried to go for 3 years now and have not made it.  I was pretty sure this one was a bust as well, then Matt opted to take the rest of the day off work and drive her down, saving the day!  She was SO happy and they made off with a TON (2 big bags) of Webkinz and do-dads.  Even I got a pig and a friendship bracelet!

 By the time the boys and I were back at the house, they were already on their way home-THAT'S how long the dentist took.  Gar, I hate to waste a day like that.

Wednesday, I worked on my wildflower guide (mainly by taking photos of the kids and Nia) and when Matt came home and I made creamy sweet pepper soup for dinner, we watched Game of Thrones while the kids did their own thing, then Jake and Ben and I watched Ghosts of Georgia, which was SO dumb, but had good effects.  The plot was my complaint: Mom sees ghosts so let's move to an old Plantation site in the South.  That won't be eat up with haints.  After all, what could POSSIBLY be lurking in the woods and fields?

Today I am cleaning the house, which is ever ongoing and rarely interesting.  We have ants, AGAIN.  I am not sure they ever really went away over the winter, but the ant bait stations are doing a brisk business this morning, hopefully they will stock the hive with delicious poison and die die die.

 Last night, I made marshmallows using Jim Beam's Red Stag whiskey.  Then we put them in some REALLY good hot cocoa.  With only 0.2 ounces of alcohol in each marshmallow, we let the kids decide if they wanted to try one in theirs.  At $25 a bottle, I won't be making them often!  I think they might be a good camping treat for the adults, though.

Matt has tomorrow off, we have plans, though they are weather-dependent.  I have a feeling we will be mowing the yard again by Sunday.  Gah.