Friday, August 8, 2014


Matt took Thursday off so I would not have a totally sad sack of a day on my birthday!
Amanda had offered to get the kids to stay with her a few days on her way past Wednesday, but they wanted to be here on my birthday, so Wednesday night, Matt made cake and we had half of it with candles and singing-totally off key and kind of horrible-but singing nonetheless!

Thursday, we decided to join in on Amanda's impromptu house party, so the kids packed up and Matt drove us down.  He was able to get the van really close to the water using the boat ramp, so I kind of hobbled right in!  It was not slick and the easy slope of the ramp made getting in the water super easy.  I bobbed and floated and did leg cycles allllll afternoon.  It was so nice getting to move!!

My scabby knee!  And not-badly swollen right foot way down there.

Mr. Coury

No trip is complete without swimming to the marina for ice cream.  Through all those GIANT fish.

Me!  I was there!
I'm 40!
That's water on the lens, I am not going blurry 'round the edges.

This was much fun, so we left them to it with Sammy watching out from the marina.  But honestly, with this many kids, I'd hope they'd keep an eye out and rescue each other!

We headed back to the house to get something dry on, it was getting chilly!  Matt pulled back down to the water and I kind of piled in, then he helped me get dressed, my legs were jelly.

I got settled in a chair at Amanda's and everyone pitched in and made some yummy nachos!  I ate and had a cookie and hung out and chatted and just generally did not much.  We left around 8 taking Elan and leaving Chan.  The plan was for Ben and Chan to stay, but Ben wanted to get home.  It worked out well, ALL the girls stayed at Amanda's, they headed home today and we will get Chan tomorrow when Matt returns Elan.

And that was my birthday!  Oh, we had the other half of the cake for breakfast!  :)

I have spent today with my foot back up.  Matt got off work a little early, so he has been entertaining this evening, he took the boys to pick out movies, they are watching The Lego Movie right now.  I am listening from in here and laughing along.  I hear the new Wolverine movie is up next, I may need a little time with my second favorite Marvel character.  Sorry, Logan, I can't shake my teenage obsession with Remy LeBeau.  I even know his middle name is Etienne!

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