Saturday, July 13, 2013

22: Sycamore Falls

 The hike back was great, I was rocking along, all the squats I have been doing lately made a huge difference on my trail stamina, I was amazed, really.

My hammock!  I bought 100 feet of paracord on the way up, it's thin and lightweight and rated to 550 pounds, it was perfect!

 There's no easy access to the pool, you have to cross the creek and after hanging the hammocks, I managed to pick my way across.  I need to replace my water shoes, that nearly killed my toes!

Ben took this one, I was there! 

Ben made this fish when he put his shoe on the rock to adjust a strap, we both thought it was pretty cool.

Nia did not like the current, but was basically 'trapped' near the pool with us, her only way out either up the bowl cliff the falls fell over or crossing a flowing creek.  So she stayed put on this little seat, keeping an eye on the kids.  Ben tired of swimming pretty quickly as well and ended up wandering downstream to build a dam.

View from my hammock

This was the point in the trail that Matt started talking about moving back to Tennessee.  Eep.

Next up:
Stone Door

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