Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Day Nineteen: Tag Team

Oh my gosh, I have some kind of brain defect that A) makes me forget EVERY TIME that popcorn gets stuck in my teeth and B) makes me leap up with vigor and enthusiasm and run out of doors to crank the mower on the hottest day of the week and the hottest time of the day. 

Yesterday, we had an ortho appt and hung out at Katy's all afternoon, I lost a Ben while I was there, but on the way home (after the LIBRARY!!) we picked up another mower!  It was free, I have this huge list of things we need more than a second mower, but I am not about to turn down 4 horsepowers of 22 inches.  Or...something that sounds better, use your imagination.  Anyway, not having to shell out for it made it suddenly seem like a great idea that we have a second mower.

Today, I imagine you can imagine what happened.  It was the hottest moment of the ENTIRE MONTH at 2:15, right when I leapt out the front door, slid on my sexy red Crocs and straw hat and yanked the new mower cord.  After tinkering with it a while, I got it to crank and my back-up dancer, Jake, and I did a boogie around the yard.  Half an hour (maybe 45 minutes) later, it was nearly all done!  Chan went out and did the hill, Ben can do by the pine trees when he gets in and we will be done!  2 mowers is awesome! 

Also, I settled an internal argument my brain and I have been having for about 3 years.  The difference between buttload, boatload and shitload.  Luckily, there is the interweb and Andrew has already pondered this one and typed it all up nicely: http://blog.andrewallingham.info/2011/06/the-difference-between-a-buttload-boatload-and-shitload/.  Thanks, Andrew, that was WAY more technical than I would ever have gotten and I loved the infographic, even if it was not Photoshopped to scale.  I can't make infographics myself. 

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