Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Day Fifteen: Bean!

We headed out in the little gap between rain...things.  Fronts?  They are not storms, just lots of rain.  Anyway, I had to get in a good walk, the treadmill is great, but moving in the air and seeing things is more important than exercise at times.

We did not have a big chunk of time, we we hit Bean Road for a quick 6 mile in and out, it took us about 2 hours. 

I call this one 'Dead of Winter'

 It poured for about 5 minutes and sprinkled a little now and then, but it was not too bad at all.  And that's coming from me, the one who hates being wet.
I did nearly freeze at the grocery store later.

Kudzu, the plant what ate the South.
Our weekend plans have been scuppered due to rain.  We picked up some kind of beef...thing to grill, we may do that tomorrow.  I bought a pack of salmon burgers, that could be awesome or just gross.  I guess we will find out! 

I am going back to gluten free.  The side effects of eating gluten are not worth it.  If it's just me, I can get creative or simply do things such eating my sandwich fillings and not eating the bread, I don't have to plan a meal for 5 every few hours. 

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