Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Day 30: Death and Taxes and Bonfires

I spent the week cleaning out and part of that was culling old tax returns and piles of irrelevant paperwork. I did not want to toss things with SSN's, financial info and old addresses on them, so we burned it all.

There was something primal about watching things that used to be important simply release their stored energy as light and heat and then cease to exist.  Maybe I want to be cremated.

I think this looks like a head and face with shoulders at the top of the shot.

 A recent funeral had the fringe benefit of being able to spend a little time with my father, niece, brother, step-mom and SIL.  First time since 2007.
I may write more about the whole thing later, I don't mean to be crass as if dinner at Cracker Barrel was the only important event.  It was a hard day for everyone.

Daddy said, "I don't feel like smiling, say something that's funny."  I said, "Your head."
He paused for a minute and we both cracked up.

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